Margaret Mowrer 

Journalism Portfolio

Self- Analytical Essay 

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    When I was young, a career in journalism was not my original aspiration. I believed I was to become something similar to the careers of my parents and other family members. Pretty much everyone in my family has careers in medicine or is an educator. As I started to mature and entered the self-discovery portion of my life, I started to develop an understanding of what makes me different. I defied anything too easy and strived towards things that gave me more of a challenge. It was at this point in my life, I realized that intimidating things were my fuel to push through with confidence in all that I pursued. I wanted an opportunity to be challenged in an area that none of the people that I hung out with were interested in. But, I hadn’t found anything that allowed me to do that in middle school.

   When I entered my first year of high school, I decided to take a journalism class. I did not know at that time that I would get as much out of it as I have. In addition to having an eye-opening journalism experience, I have also had wonderful advisers. I’m very grateful for them and all that they have taught me up to this point. I have come to realize that a career in Journalism is my true passion and it compliments all the different characteristics that make me who I am.  Being involved in Journalism has taught me a lot about myself that I had not learned from anywhere else. 

     Upon entering my junior year of high school, it’s caused me to think more seriously about my life and my future aspirations. College letters and notices about applying flood each mailbox of any prospective senior in high school. I knew I could take the easier route and pursue something more traditional as a career, like the rest of my family. But when I ask myself what makes me happy, what can continuously push me to my full potential? For me, it’s a career in journalism and its infinite ability to never lose my interest.